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Handcrafted and locally-sourced kimchi fermented with love by two friends in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

House Napa Cabbage
Vegan Napa Cabbage
Kimchi Sauce

It's alive! Kimchi is Packed with probiotics for healthy bellies & Healthy Brains

Twenty years ago, we met as freshmen in our college dorm and became fast friends. We've lived together, travelled together, and grown into adulthood together (careers, husbands, children). Through it all we've shared laughter, a love for craft beer, and a passion for healthy food and lifestyle.


We began making kimchi together in our home kitchens, tinkering with our recipe until it was so good that we just had to share it. We are excited to contribute to our local food community, partnering with urban farmers, local eateries, and farmers markets.

We source our veggies seasonally from local farmers, chop and mix by hand, then carefully ferment our kimchi to create an amazing balance of flavors that is alive with probiotics. We make sure our veggies stay snappy and our spice is invigorating without being too hot. The combination of crispy, spicy, sour, and umami is addicting and pairs well with almost any savory dish (see Recipes for ideas). You'll want to eat this kimchi everyday, just like us!

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